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10 Things You Definitely Should Not Do This Summer

Do Not: Avoid the Beach or Pool. I know that being in a bathing suit can be scary. But if you love going to the beach or pool, don’t avoid those things simply because you think your body isn’t good enough to wear a bathing suit. Who says you have to wear a string bikini if you feel uncomfortable in it? There are so many amazing one-piece suits out there, as well as high-waisted bikinis, gorgeous plus-size swimsuits, and so much more for every figure. Just find one that makes YOU feel good and don’t stress over what anyone else might think.

"When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness."


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This changed me.

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"Set yourself free dear, no one can do it but you
Rid your thoughts of expired experiences
Escape your mind; do not hide from what drives you insane
Free yourself dear,
No one can fight it for you"

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Summer is flying by much too quickly.

Les amoures imaginaries, Xavier Dolan

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My vices shall be the death of me.

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Lash by bloody lash, the she-devil from Dallas would get her revenge…